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handmade happy.

how did i land here? handmade clothes?! this has been a long held desire. many moons ago i attempted to sew a dress, self-drafted, no pattern, just an idea and it was horrible. because i never actually sewed a real patterned dress before. i know. what was i thinking?! i did sew a pair of shorts from a pattern in high school home economics class but that is where it started and ended. and the actual paper patterns at the store scared me. large and thin and flimsy.

fast forward 20+ years and instagram. saw a yarn person that i follow post a dress that looked exactly like my style.. and even went to the store and bought the pattern. it sat. because fear. and laziness. then saw another person post about a dress - the Metamorphic Dress by Sew Liberated. And I bought the PDF file.. but again - it sat on my computer.. then not long after this I saw a Sew Along offered by Natalie on Sew Hungry Hippie. That was it! That was the push I needed. Joined the sew along.. and voila.. several pieces of clothing later I have a handmade wardrobe!

And continuing on.. why not start my blog up again and start writing about it.. like everyone else does.. :P hahaa. also you can always find my daily musings on my instagram feed - in case you need more than an occasional blog post from here.. :D

Happy Friday!

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