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vintage tent top

easy peasy..

i made a tent top of sorts.. within an hour and with an upcycled cotton sheet that i had hand dyed a few years ago..

i measured my upper bust and went from there. i used a 3/8in seam allowance.

then cut a strip for the front and back top pieces 2" x 20" -- this is your upper bust measurement + 2 inches for the width.

straps are 12"x 4" (2) -- fold over and sew, then flip inside out.

i measured the bottom 2 panels at around 35" long x 20" high (2 pieces)

then sewed them all together. gathering the bottom panel at the top to sew it onto the top pieces. i then sewed at an angle from 4 inches down from top to about 3.5" in at the top on each side and cut those away (see pictures). hemmed the bottom and added a pocket and voila! a quick summer top!

please forgive the cluttery background pictures! i made this in a hurry before scurrying out the door with my family for a weekend away.. so there was no time to fuss about pretty pictures when making it! :D hahaa!!

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